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Leader column is the Vice-Chancellor’s page in The Reporter, the monthly University newsletter. Please explore the following for further details:

Preparing for 2012 May 2011
How can a young academic forge a successful and fulfilling career in Britain today? April 2011
Providing opportunity and fairer access at our University February 2011
Our focus and ambitions for the future January 2011
Responding to the government's graduate fee proposals December 2010
The future of higher education after draconian cuts October 2010
Research grants boosted 40 per cent to just over £150m September 2010
Thoughts on the 'austerity' budget June 2010
Fighting for the future of UK universities May 2010
Professor Philip Kocienski's generous donation to support research April 2010
Our response to the funding crisis March 2010
Fundraising in the wake of a recession Feburary 2010
Reflecting on a year of achievement December 2009
Safeguarding the future November 2009
The enormous impact of the strategy October 2009
The challenging landscape of higher education, and winning over Lord Mandelson July 2009
Working together June 2009
Engineering success April 2009
University's HEFCE funding March 2009
RAE and the Russell Group February 2009
Credit crunch and RAE December 2008
Success in research and widening participation November 2008
Success and values October 2008
The University past and present July 2008
International treaties, plant stress and beyond June 2008
New diplomas April 2008
Questions and discussions March 2008
Philanthropy, research awards and health and safety February 2008
RAE, league tables and equality December 2007
From success to success September 2007

University's celebrations and balance sheets

July 2007

Leeds academics bring their work home

June 2007

International student recruitment

May 2007

Schools, faculties and services

March 2007

The importance of health and safety

February 2007

VC visits Downing Street as education 'champion'

January 2007

With a little help from our friends

November 2006

Excellence all around us

October 2006

Facing new challenges

September 2006

Reflections on the year

July 2006

What follows the RAE?

June 2006

A trip to India

May 2006

The University is its people

March 2006

The importance of our students to University culture

February 2006

University links with China

January 2006

Making it happen

November 2005

Graduates keeping in touch

October 2005

A year in review

September 2005

Making a major impact on global society

July 2005

The importance of international diversity

June 2005

Inspiring students to reach their potential

May 2005

Raising our game in research

March 2005

Key strategic themes

February 2005

What are we using to help us?

January 2005

How do we get to being world-class?

November 2004

What’s a world-class institution?

October 2004

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