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Make time for review

Potential career paths and how your work relates to the University’s vision will become clearer in the new staff review and development scheme starting this year.

Training for reviewers finishes this summer and details of the scheme are available online at Under the new scheme, backed by all three trade unions, all staff will now have an annual review, giving them the chance to discuss and agree clear priorities for their work, reflect on what has gone well, and plan training and development.

Reviews will also be an opportunity to discuss career aspirations and how someone can progress. Going through the process should also help staff identify objectives which could support their applications for contribution pay (see next story) or promotion.

In most cases, reviewers will be managers, principal investigators, or senior colleagues. Agreed objectives for staff will be based on the priorities for their school or service in delivering the University’s strategy. All staff on a one-year contract or more, and not on probation, can expect their first review in the next 12 months.

The Staff and Departmental Development Unit (SDDU) have trained 1,300 reviewers to date, and will evaluate the scheme’s impact. Project manager Debbie Greenwood said: “The scheme has started in several parts of the University and I hear that many people have found the process really helpful, we now need to gather some in-depth feedback to ensure the scheme becomes embedded and really useful.”

Sue Haines, team leader for student recruitment and marketing in the School of Education, has been reviewed and is also a reviewer.

She said: “I quite enjoyed my review, it was well-structured but quite relaxed. You get so busy with day-to-day work so to spend an hour talking about yourself seems like quite an indulgence but I always think investing time in people is always worthwhile.”

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