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Send your letters to acting editor of the Reporter, David Pickering. Email or send by internal post to press office, 12.67 E C Stoner building.

All letters will be considered for publication. We will not as a rule publish 'round robin' letters, letters that have been published elsewhere or letters that have also been sent to University colleagues for action. Letters may be cut (for space) and we will indicate where this has happened. If writers have asked questions, we will attempt to answer them. If they assert things we know to be untrue, we may add an editor’s note.

(from Andy Taylor, Oxfam manager, basement of LUU building)

A quick note to warn Reporter readers that the treasures on offer at Oxfam in the basement of the students union could disappear without more custom from staff and students.

Oxfam’s head office has warned me we’re not making enough money and we could be forced to close. I’d hope our presence at the University would be seen as a very positive one worth preserving. We’ve got something very special here, but we’re hidden away in the basement so we need a little extra support.

Just to remind you what we’ve got in our students’ union basement store:

• Rare and out-of-print books, videos, stylish retro clothing and houseware, including Habitat and Tate Gallery lines, and Oxfam goods, including campaign
T-shirts – basically some great gifts without the awkward walk into town.
• We can pick up your quality, sellable goods from home or your department – phone 245 0861. (Excellent recycling opportunity!)
• Student volunteers work at the shop to get valuable work experience to add to their CV, and it’s a hive of social activity.

(from Ian Moxon, School of History)

I should like someone to inform me how it is possible, in view of the University of Leeds’ publication of a letter from Professor Carl Lawrence in its Reporter (no 515. 27 March 2006) and of a second (open) letter on its website of the same date, that any dispassionate disciplinary inquiry / proceeding concerning Dr Frank Ellis’ development of or expression of his academic contributions to public debate on issues of central importance to all of us can now be carried out.

Acting editor replies: Any disciplinary proceedings will be carried out under the standard processes of the University, regardless of any correspondence received whether published or not. Whilst the matter remains sub judice the University cannot comment but the Reporter remains a forum for discussion. You will see a further letter has been posted on the website and this is more supportive of Dr Ellis’ position.

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