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African landscape

G8 campaigning has raised awareness of the debt problems faced by African countries – but their inhabitants have also had to contend with severe climate change, with disastrous effects on water resources, agriculture and health. An international collaboration involving the University aims to discover what controls the volatile West African climate.
Strategy shaped by staff and students
Staff and students across the campus have contributed positively in their hundreds to the University’s new strategy.
Academic’s trials and celebrations

Lecturer Garry Lyons has won a prestigious Royal Television Society (RTS) award for his work on the Channel 4 drama, Leah’s Trials

Einstein, ‘spooky action’ and the future of computing
A groundbreaking group of theoretical and experimental physicists is coming together to experiment with a phenomenon that disturbed Einstein and which could one day make super-fast quantum computers a possibility.
A world-class visual identity
The way we present ourselves says a lot about who we are. Our visual identity must convey our attributes of quality, professionalism and unity. Work is in progress to update our visual identity to provide a clear, consistent and coherent image of the University.
Tap into cheaper, greener water
A five-year collaboration between the University and Yorkshire Water will give researchers access to over £16m to provide even high quality water and service, and protect the environment.
Settling an old score

Music that has languished unheard for nearly 400 years has been brought back to life by a Leeds academic.

New talent and future classics
Some of the best of the University’s creative talent has been on display at the many graduate shows on campus and across West Yorkshire. These included acclaimed sculpture in Huddersfield, a stunning campus fashion show and an entire house on Woodhouse Lane taken over by fine artists.
Can nature deliver nanotechology’s promise?
Computers, telephones, music players keep getting smaller and more powerful, but the technology making this possible can only be shrunk so far. Leeds researchers have won £2.6m to develop the ‘disruptive technology’ of the century by exploiting nature’s ability to work on the nanoscale – heralding a revolution in the way our gadgets operate.
Caring, sharing – and a fleet car named Desire
A new car club is the latest in a range of green transport initiatives on campus.
Staff who keep on learning – it's a matter of Logik
Ever wanted to get to grips with Indian head massage or increase your French vocabulary? The University is leading the way in staff learning thanks to the new learning opportunities giving information and knowledge (LOGIK) centre which will open to staff across campus later this summer.
((23 x 5) x 3) + (72 - 23) = 161 years’ service
Three members of the school of mathematics will shortly have completed 40 years full-time service to the University – while a fourth retires this year after clocking up 41 years as a lecturer.
FAQs: Andrew Smith
Dr Andrew Smith from transport studies tells the Reporter about juggling teaching, research and a new family.
Leader column
This month Professor Michael Arthur discusses the University's mission to 'make a major impact on global society'.
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