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Issue 499, 7 June 2004
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New pay spine for all after AUT says 'yes'

Academic and related staff have received a 3.44 percent pay increase backdated to 1 August 2003 following AUT members’ acceptance by 84.5 percent to 15.5 percent of a new pay structure. A further cost of living increase of 3 percent will be paid on August 1.

All university trades unions are now signed up to a new national pay framework. Institution-wide role analysis will determine how staff assimilate to a single new pay spine.

Role profiles have been drawn up for clerical, ancillary and technical staff represented by Amicus and Unison. The aim is to introduce new salary structures for these staff from August 1. They will also receive a cost of living increase this August of 3 percent.

Local discussions with the AUT will be based on the memorandum of understanding between unions and employers which ended the dispute. Both sides agreed that there would be ‘no detriment’ to any individual in the new system.

Human resources deputy director Linda Mortimer-Pine said the national framework and memorandum had to be implemented ‘in a way that is affordable and fair’ to all staff.

Leeds AUT president Jeremy Toner said that the memorandum would clear the way for a total package over two years worth 12.2 percent, with higher increases at the lower ends of academic and related scales. However, AUT president Sally Hunt said that the memorandum “does not involve ‘extra’ monies to fund it beyond that already agreed with other unions in higher education.”

The University is also playing a leading role in national discussions with the AUT about developing academic and related role profiles and the introduction of new salary arrangements.

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