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Issue 498, 5 May 2004
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Professor Giles Davies

A pioneering new lab at Leeds will develop equipment to 'see' anthrax inside envelopes
or explosives in luggage by recognising the 'fingerprint' of their molecules

See here for more details

Too many males – was it deadly for the dinosaurs?
Dinosaurs suddenly died out because they gave birth to too many males as a result of climate change, according to a new theory put forward by Leeds researchers
Spinout uses DNA to identify guilty trees in subsidence cases

DNA identification of trees responsible for subsidence could save the insurance industry millions of pounds a year

Genes to be 'flipped' for drug-free treatment

The body’s own defences could be programmed to attack disease to order if two Leeds scientists succeed in proving their innovative theory

Can Antarctic ice resist rising temperatures?
A giant project involving school of geography researchers and the British Antarctic Survey aims to find out whether West Antarctica's ice streams will resist global warming
Revealing the fears and hopes of Yorkshire's alchemists
Alchemy was commonplace in Yorkshire three centuries ago. Dr Urszula Szulakowska aims to find out what they believed and what they got up to in their laboratories
Law cannot stop internet junk mail

Junk email and other ‘deviant’ behaviour such as hacking and virus propagation on the internet cannot be stopped using the law, according to a Leeds researcher

Centenary chairs
A number of new chairs have been awarded as part of Leeds' centenary year
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