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Issue 496, 23 Febuary 2004
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Send your letters to editor of the Reporter, Vanessa Bridge. Email or send by internal post to press office, 12.67 E C Stoner building


CYCLISTS’ VIEWS PLEASE (Melisa Slater, transport co-ordinator) As part of its transport plan, the University is conducting a survey of facilities for cyclists and is developing proposals for their enhancement. There has already been wide consultation through schools and departments and with the bicycle users’ group. We would like to thank those heads of departments and others for taking the time to complete the surveys. A meeting to discuss the results of the survey and the first draft of proposals is planned for early March. If readers would like to attend they should email me at with ‘cycle facilities meeting’ as the subject line. Any comments or suggestions on facilities for cyclists on the Leeds campus can be emailed to the same address before the end of February.

FAIRTRADE AT LEEDS? (Dr Joanna Brown, learning development unit) Our food purchasing habits can literally mean life or death to farmers in the developing world. As Leeds is on the verge of becoming a Fairtrade city, the time is ripe for Leeds University to become a Fairtrade University. You can help by sending the postcard enclosed in the Reporter to the Vice-Chancellor requesting that the University does all it can to become a Fairtrade University by satisfying the goals laid down by the Fairtrade Foundation. These include making Fairtrade products available in food outlets on campus and using Fairtrade foods at meetings and in management offices, making a commitment to campaign for increased Fairtrade consumption on campus and establishing a Fairtrade steering group. If you would like to purchase Fairtrade products there is a recognised supplier on campus: the LUU Food Co-Op Society (with a shop in the Students Union).

POST OFFICE CLOSURE (Professor Roger Boyle, computing) I note that the Woodhouse Lane sub post office is scheduled for closure. Every time I visit it, there is a queue, so demand does not seem to be an issue. I wonder what scope there may be for the University post-room to provide a stamp-selling service for the many odd letters and parcels so many of us wish to send. If they could duplicate some other Post Office functions as well, so much the better. Any chance?
Editor’s reply: We’ve received other letters about the proposed closure. The Post Office has now made the decision to close Woodhouse Lane post office on March 25. The University mail room will consider the suggestion to sell stamps when the post office closes. The nearest post office is ten minutes’ walk away at the St John’s centre.

BAD NEWS COMING? (Robert Sladdin, director of estates, in reply to letter from Chris Hammond, Reporter 495) I am sure that most colleagues will agree that there has been a significant improvement in the quality of the campus and facilities since 1989, alongside the reduction in the space per FTE student. The current estates strategy identifies opportunities to further improve the use of space and thus release surplus space for new activities. As part of this process, we shall also be addressing the need to improve facilities and hence a reduction in overall space per FTE student is not at odds with the objective of improving the student experience. Accordingly, those with an excess of ‘chocolate’ are being encouraged to reduce their consumption, so that their other colleagues can have a fair share!

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