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Issue 495, 26 January 2004
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Fees plans discussed by Leeds

Proposals to implement across-the-board undergraduate fees of £3,000 from 2006/7 – should Parliament approve the Higher Education Bill – are going through the committee process. The House of Commons is due to vote on the Bill tomorrow (January 27).

A working group chaired by learning and teaching Pro-Vice-Chancellor Alan Pearman has been considering the implementation of a new fees and bursaries system.

Professor Pearman said, “We have carried out a great deal of preparatory work to understand the implications of the various options being considered by Parliament, so we are prepared for its decision.”

The group is giving further consideration to special cases, including students studying part time or abroad.
The Higher Education Bill proposes universities set their own fees up to a level of £3,000 a year, with graduates making repayments once their salary reaches £15,000.

Students from the poorest homes will receive up to £3,000 support a year, made up of a ‘fees remission’ grant of £1,200, a £1,500 support grant and a £300 university bursary, although there are proposals to combine the two grants before adding the bursary.

Whether the grants are combined or separate will be decided if the Bill successfully passes through Parliament. The proposals will be discussed by Senate on February 4 and Council on February 19.


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