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Issue 493, 27 October 2003
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Dr Tom Pizzari

The Monty Python song was right: every sperm is sacred – if you’re living in the promiscuous world of chickens that is. See here for more details.

Forecasting where and when the rain will fall

Leeds researchers are aiming to unlock the secrets of the British weather, bringing forecasters one step closer to that elusive hold grail of predicting when and how rain will fall.

Skin treatments spin-out is Techtran's first
New ways to treat acne and tackle 'superbugs' could be available in just a few years, following the first spin-out in conjunction with the University's new commercialisation partner, Techtran Ltd.
Getting stressed about a healthy diet
SSome of us reach straight for the chocolate when we're having a bad day, while for others, any hassle puts them off food completely. Leeds researchers are trying to work out why this is.
Working for life, not just December 1
On World AIDS day (December 1) next week, Mark Harris from biochemistry and molecular biology will be doing more than wearing a red ribbon – he will be looking for a way to stop AIDS in its tracks.
Blood money not the way to fill the banks
We wouldn’t give more blood even if we were paid for it, new research suggests. We’d rather donate it for free.
Waugh manuscript gets first public showing
A rare and valuable collection of handwritten manuscripts by the celebrated English novelist Evelyn Waugh, including his proclaimed novel Vile Bodies, are on public display for the first time at the Brotherton Library.
Centenary events, designs and holidays
A new logo has been designed to mark the University’s centenary which departments can use immediately, either by ordering the specially designed stationery, including it in their publications or on their webpages.
Testing times - University's central role in cancer trials revolution
The National Cancer Research Network - co-ordinated at Leeds - has just announced that numbers entering clinical trials in England have doubled in the past two years.
The ups and downs of city living
The Leeds city centre housing boom has only just begun, with enough flats already to house 2,700 people and developments in the pipeline to house a further 12,000.
Every sperm is sacred - to chickens

The Monty Python song was right: every sperm is sacred – if you’re living in the promiscuous world of chickens that is.

Centenary gives boost to Leeds research
A significant number of new chairs are to be established to mark the University centenary in 2004.


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