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Issue 493, 27 October 2003
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Main stories


Sir Alan Wilson

The Government has appointed University Vice-Chancellor Sir Alan Wilson as its first
director-general for higher education. See here for more details.

VC to take up top job as HE director-general

The Government has appointed University Vice-Chancellor Sir Alan Wilson as its first director-general for higher education.

Public safety fears threaten bats' Hallowe'en party
Conservations are calling for the seedy underworld of bats to be protected, as 'clubbing' in the caves of North Yorkshire is vital for bat populations to survive.
Shared residence is not a magic solution
Sharing the children's time 50:50 after a divorce might seem like a fair arrangement for parents, but Leeds researchers have found that young people themselves do not always endorse this view.
Ethnic minorities use IT more seriously
Ethnic minorities use their home PCs for educational reasons much more than white people, new research at the University of Leeds and Warwick has found.
Leeds research goes to the centre ...
Leeds scientists are journeying to the centre of the Earth, in the biggest international collaboration to study the Earth's core.
... and the ends of the Earth
Earth scientist Dr Jane Francis is about to make her seventh trip to the Antarctic, in search of confirmation of a new theory about the continent's history.
GM crops aren't close to the public's heart – but what do the academics think?
We asked Leeds researchers in areas as diverse as environment, medicine, philosophy, economics and – of course – biology, to give their views.
Inspiring the nation's science teachers
Leeds is part of a consortium of Yorkshire universities appointed to run a pioneering £50m government-charity initiative to invigorate science teaching across the UK.
Put it in the bank
Pictures of anything from algae to orca are available free of charge from the newly launched learning & teaching support network bioscience ImageBank.
New diversity officers will 'promote positive action'

The University of Leeds is leading the way in its response to legislation on equal opportunities, with the appointment of diversitty officers in all faculties and services.

Waving their magic WaND to keep the water running
Geography researchers are working out the increase in water demand expected for the Government's planned four million new homes.


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