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ssue 492, 29 September 2003
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Law-abiding drivers (Sean Dockerty, media services) – With regard to the front page article of Reporter 491 (Keeping to the limits – new speed trial at Leeds): whilst the speed limiting abilities of these vehicles are well demonstrated, should we not be enforcing the existing laws to ensure road safety?

Language matters (Adrian Smith, library) – I thought the days of speaking loudly and clearly to foreigners had gone. I thought that the UK was ‘in’ Europe. The editor's reference to the internationalisation ‘push’ in mainland Europe suggests otherwise (Letters, Reporter 491).

If the Sorbonne provides information in Spanish, we should show that we can too. In matters of marketing, the first contact is crucial, and in recruiting international students we should be prepared to meet them on their ground, with key web pages in their language.

I thank the editor for drawing attention to the need to communicate with parents overseas, in communities with a poor knowledge of English. This too applies to our wider recruitment of students from our local communities. To my examples from Italy, France and Germany I should have looked for UK universities offering pages in Gujarati, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Turkish and so on.

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