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Issue 491, 16 June 2003
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Policy on IT security approved by Senate


The University’s new information security policy was approved by Senate on June 4. Drawn up following consultation with staff, the policy covers the security of critical and sensitive information, protection against cybercrime and will ensure users of University IT facilities are acting within the law.

IT security coordinator, Kevin Darley, said: "While there are ways of using technology to protect against crime, it only offers a partial solution. In any security system, the human factor is the weakest link. Real protection can only be achieved if all users of the IT systems are working within a clear policy framework."

Although much of the information held by the University is intended for publishing and sharing, certain information has to be protected and handled securely, such as sensitive research data, medical records or information about staff and students.

One negative aspect of ever-improving technology is that it also provides the opportunities to perpetrate old crimes, such as fraud, theft and defamation, and to develop new ones such as hacking, virus contamination and interception.

Another issue is the 'minefield' of relevant legislation which has sprung up in this area, including data protection, freedom of information, human rights, and telecommunication regulations. By working within the policy, staff and students can be sure they are acting within the confines of the law.

Full details of the policy can be found at For more information, contact Kevin Darley on ext 31118


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