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No 490, 19 May 2003
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Paper is preferable (Roger Boyle, computing) – I note from the latest issue of your organ that henceforward ‘Campusweb’ is to be the primary means of dissemination of University news. Belonging to the grey-haired and old-fashioned faction, I am disinclined to learn the new tricks required to access this material, which usually prove beyond me anyway.

Never mind, this is my problem. Nevertheless, I am sorry that I shall be unable to read obituaries, since your organ also reports they will appear on the ‘corporate information news section’ of ‘Campusweb’, instead of in the paper form I have mastered.
One idea might be to relegate the parking correspondence page to ‘Campusweb’, since I do not often find this interesting. This would create a lot of space into which you might re-insert material currently hidden behind buttons and mice. Perhaps you could conduct an opinion poll on this?

Centenary celebrations? (Christopher Hammond, materials research) – The centenary of the charter for the University of Leeds falls in April 2004 – only one year from now. It should be expected that this major event in the University’s history will be celebrated with appropriate exhibitions, conferences and publications.

However, as far as I am aware, no ‘centenary committee’, representative of all the interests across the University has been appointed and no formal arrangements for the organisation of the centenary have been put into place. Given the ‘lead times’ that are required for the planning of the relevant exhibitions and events, this is surely a matter of some urgency.

Editor’s note: a paper on centenary preparations is already in the committee pipeline. See opposite page for details.

Concern over crest (Tony North, biochemistry and molecular biology) – My colleague John Lydon expressed his concern in Reporter 489 about the state of the University crest in the Great Hall; might I suggest that he proposes to the College of Heralds the term ‘targent’ for tarnished silver? He was evidently satisfied that the white roses are okay, which is more than can be said for the roses on the tapestries that adorn the entrance lobby of University House. These are labelled as being ‘alarmed’, but ‘alarming’ would be more appropriate as they are distinguished by having six petals instead of the usual five – do they represent a modification of the noble Yorkshire rose perpetrated by our Leeds plant geneticists? No wonder steps have apparently been taken to minimise their chance of escaping from the building and contaminating those in the wild. Or perhaps they have already escaped and crossed with the five-petalled wild type to give those funny droopy 11-petalled blooms that appear on the logo of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

Lack of control (Andrew Dye, electronic engineering) – I believe Pro-Vice-Chancellor for staff Professor Shorrocks-Taylor, misconstrued the main thrust of my letter printed in Reporter 489. She appears to think I am concerned over the plight of official visitors to the University campus. To be brutally honest, I don’t care one bit if a company representative parks for free in order to tout for my business, or has to put it on his or her expenses.

What I am concerned about is the lack of control over whether someone has the right to park on campus. Asking staff to show ID ‘to help avoid admitting students and bogus visitors’ is pointless when said student or bogus visitor can merely claim to be an official visitor for any random member of staff picked from the University phone book, as security staff have no means of verifying this.


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