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Issue 489, 24 March 2003
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Four nights of fresh and innovative dance are on offer in the Spring showcase at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Students from all years will perform in newly created pieces by guest choreographers Liv Lorent and Sue Hawksley. Tickets are £5 (£2.50 conc) and can be ordered from the box office on 0113 219 3018. Performances are at the school’s Riley Theatre on April 1-4 at 7.30pm.

The photo by Chris Nash features student Joanne Spinks.


Promotions exercise
The promotions exercise 2002-03 is now under way. Details can be found at on information/ For questions on academic and academic-related promotions, contact Shetwah Lee, ext 35773 Clerical staff should contact Wendy Allwood, ext 34333 or and ancillary staff Liz Felgate, ext 34149 or

History and DNA
A lecture to mark the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the double helix model of DNA is to be given by former Leeds lecturer, Bob Olby, now at the University of Pittsburgh. The lecture will look at well-known figures – Watson, Crick, Wilkins and Franklin – and at those too often overlooked, such as Gulland, Jordan, and Leeds’ own Bill Astbury, who took the first X-ray diffraction pictures of DNA at the University. Bob Olby will speak in the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre on April 23 at 7.30pm. For more information, call ext 33036 or email

Work-life balance
An independent study is being conducted at the University into academic, teaching and research staff views on their careers and work-life balance. If you would like to take part or would like further information, email You will be entered for a prize draw to win a £50 book voucher.

Think of a number
From April 28, the new ISS help desk number will be 33333 – more memorable for staff and students. The number was used for reporting phone faults; it can be used to log both IT/IS or phone faults. The old ISS help desk number – 35366 – will remain active until late summer. For more details contact help desk service leader Simon Maller, email

Court and council
Michelle Dickson (clerical), Richard Evans (ancillary), Amanda Kelly (technical) and Peter McWilliam (medicine, dentistry, psychology & health) have been elected to University Council for three years from 1 August 2003. Nominations are invited to fill lay (external) vacancies on University Court, but must be submitted by April 24. To find out how to make a nomination, contact Helen Pickersgill, ext 34036, email

Suppliers on show
The annual supplier exhibition will be held in the sports hall on April 15, 10.30am-3.30pm. Over 50 companies will attend, with products including laboratory suppies, desktop PCs, printers, laptops, research equipment, vehicle hire, photocopiers, temping agencies, furniture, business travel services, water and stationery. Contact John Draper in central purchasing on ext 32992.

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