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Issue no 487, 27 January 2003
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Tom Tregenza

The male blanket octopus – half of one of the strangest marine couples – has been seen alive for the first time. Biologist Tom Tregenza tells the full story


Searching out the small – and his massive mate
The male half of one of the strangest marine couples has been seen alive for the first time.
Arts, architecture and athletics honoured in 2003
Fiona May will be joined by singer Lesley Garrett, writer Caryl Phillips and engineer Anthony Hunt ro receive honorary degrees.
Leeds outsources technology transfer
Leeds has become the first university in the country to outsource technology transfer.
Surprising discoveries at Dales dig
A pre-historic burial site in the Yorkshire Dales has been unearthed by University archaeologists.
Clothworkers' Hall to mark a second centenary
The renovation of an historic campus building is to go ahead.
Winning the war against the superbugs
The University is fighting the battle on two fronts in the war against the superbugs.
Degree success linked to more than just good grades
A recent study has found key criteria for degree success, not based on 'A' level grades.
Watching what you take – new toolkit to monitor medication
A new toolkit will ensure the four million people in the UK are receiving the right treatment.
Stopping sheep scab is a 'mite' closer
A vaccine to control the spread of sheep scab is a step closer, following a major breakthrough by Leeds researchers.


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