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Issue no 485 | 28 October 2002
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Main stories
Getting the right moves online

Dance studentsAlthough graduate Jonny Hate and dance students Rachel Partridge and Elizabeth Collier (left - left to right) may appear to rehearse alone in a studio at Bretton, in fact they are working through the internet with twenty other dancers from seven EU countries, preparing for a final performance in Dublin.

“The students have been developing the dance since February, using movies of their rehearsals and written explanations to share the creative process through a dedicated website,” said Eurodans project coordinator Jo Butterworth. “They email each other or post messages, making comments and suggestions which are then incorporated into future rehearsals. They’ve learnt each others’ material, and will have just five days from first meeting in Dublin to performing the finished piece at the European League of Institutes of the Arts conference.”

“The project offers students a fantastic way to learn, making them verbalise their intentions and processes, and think which sections of movement to choose for the web site,” said project coordinator Dr Sita Popat. “It has exposed them to choreographic ideas from other institutions, sharing and working with a range of approaches and philosophies, and across different cultures.”

The project has also brought in other students in charge of lighting, sound, video projectors and costume. Dr Popat and Jo Butterworth act as ‘choreo-coordinators’, choosing the final selection of material and the final performance will be directed by artistic director of Random dance company and Bretton Hall graduate, Wayne McGregor. For budding choreographers, with or without dance experience, there’s a chance to get involved in a similar project on a smaller scale – Mini-Eurodans. You can sign up to see rehearsals and provide feedback over the internet to a group of students from Bretton Hall from 18-24 November, and share in their final performance. For more details, see or email Sita Popat on


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