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All promotions are from 1 August 2002 unless otherwise stated

To senior lecturer

Fiona Becket, English; Simon Borg, education; Said Boussakta and Stavros Lezekiel, electronic and electrical engineering; Roger Brock, classics; Robert Chapman and David Lamburn, continuing education; Robert Chapman and Richard Collier, earth sciences; Gordon Crawford, politics and international studies; Alison Dunn, Dean Waters and Jens Krause, biology; Valerie Dupont and John Staggs, fuel and energy; Joachim Jager and David Westhead, biochemistry and molecular biology; Girish Kale, mining and mineral engineering; Paul Kemp, biomedical sciences; Mae Baker-Collins, Stephen King and Kevin Reilly, LUBS; Johannes Knapp and Alison Voice, physics and astronomy; Clive Beggs, Dennis Lam, Douglas Stewart and Ian Richardson, civil engineering; Daniel Lesnic, applied mathematics; Martin McQuillan, fine art, history of art and cultural studies; Caroline Rose, East Asian studies; Zahia Salhi, Arabic and Middle Eastern studies; Ingrid Sharp, German; Mary Swan, medieval studies; Geoffrey Waddington, history; Paul Waley, geography; Peter Walker, mechanical engineering;

To lecturer grade B

Daniel Read, applied mathematics; Joern Dosch, East Asian studies; Russel Goulbourne and Paul Rowe, French; Catherine Keen, Italian; Chloe Wallace, law and Yaman Akdeniz, law; Jan Schroer and James Speight, pure mathematics; Nicholas Robinson, POLIS; Robert Mackenzie, Christopher Forde, David Spencer and Giuseppe Fontana, LUBS; Karim Djemame, computing; Tracy Hargreaves, English; Valerie Mainz, Kerry Bristol and Eva Frojmovic, fine art, history of art & cultural studies; Andrew Evans and Linda See, geography; Fiona O'Neill, healthcare studies; James Harris, history; Charles Young, J Steven Dobbie and Sigrid Stagl, environment; Aziz Asghar, biomedical sciences, from 1/5/2001; William Rea, fine art, history of art & cultural st, from 1/8/2001


From IA to II:
Sara Rollinson, medicine- pathology; Mirko Van der Baan, earth sciences; Zoran Ikonic, electronic & electrical engineering; Oliver Springate-Baginski, geography; Chengqi Wang, LUBS; Andrew Deakin and Robert Woolley, mechanical engineering; Sarah Calaghan, biomedical sciences; Richard Feltbower, medicine – paediatric epidemiology; Brandon Bennett, computing; Jonathan Topham, philosophy; Arnout Kalverda, biochemistry and molecular biology; Paul Turner, medicine – molecular epidemiology; Elizabeth McDonald and Stephen Rose medicine – molecular medicine;
From IB to IA:
Jennie Pollard, Nuffield institute for health; Agachai Sumalee, transport studies;
From II to IIII:
William McCafftrey, earth sciences; David Walsh, electronic & electrical engineering; Sara Kirk, Nuffield institute for health; Bren Neale, sociology & social policy; Kenneth McDowall, biology;

Other related

To grade 2:
Michael Bolton, Mark Reed and James Groves, environment; Sue Bell, medicine – N&Y clinical trials & research unit; Christine Thijs, international medieval institute; Vera Hall, medicine – cardiovascular medicine; Geraldine Poignant, chemistry; Susan Shires, medicine – molecular epidemiology; Kerry Audin, psychology; David Mossley, philosophy from 1/1/2002
To grade 3:
Colin Kilner, chemistry; Mohammed Hussain, continuing education; William Crocombe, medicine- N&Y clinical trials & research unit; Sarah Fores and Peter Reffell, computing; Clive McClelland, music; Margaret Wilkinson, textiles and design; Dr Colin Pitts, environment;
To grade 4:
Margaret Gibbons, continuing education; Neil Emmerson, Robert Duke and Sara Avery, LUBS; Mark Ogden, language centre; Edward Gouge, POLIS; Derek Mills, chemistry; Jon Brazil, performance and cultural industries; Kay Greenlees, education;
To grade 5:
Terence Wassall, sociology & social policy;


To grade 2:
Susan Hamelman, East Asian studies; Margaret Lewis, English; Mary Jennifer Bannister, fuel & energy; Janet Gibson LUBS; Jennifer Foggin, mathematics; Claire Murray, research degrees & scholarships office; Margaret Bradbury, environment; Catherine Cho, secretariat
To grade 3:
Lynn Buckley-Mcdonald, biology; Gillian Barber, careers centre; Caron Gregory, central student administration; Christopher Warrington, city & regional & widening participation; Patrick Douglas, continuing education; Chrissie Tunney, geography; Joanna Watt, international medieval institute; Karen Hall, and David Taylor, LUBS; Peter Muller, Nuffield institute for health; Heather Watson, textiles and design; Jeanette Whalley, transport studies
To grade 4:
Jennifer Alice Lyon, validation office; Hazel Frith, medicine; Josephine Dixon-Hardy, research support unit; Simon Lawson, process & environmental engineering; Clive Smith and Fiona Dale, finance; Jeanette McCabe, disability services; Jonathan Whittle RCS – conference office; Anna Mobbs, academic support unit
To grade 5:
Deborah Greenwood, staff & departmental development unit; Angela Byram, library

Computing and library

To grade 2: Marcia Pusey, computing
To grade 3: Susan Cunningham, Brian Pennington, David Li and Simon Rylands, ISS
To grade 4: Jeffrey James, ISS; Mark Flynn, modern languages; Sandra Beaney, library


To technical officer grade 1:
Simon Mauborgne, estate services;
To grade 3:
Dee Healey and Helen Parkinson, LUBS; Anne-Marie Bromley, Francesca Di Clemente, Susan Hey, Catherine Robinson and Stuart Bannister, Library; Victoria Smith, law; Jane Smalley and Tessa Grant, language centre; Jacqueline Pennington, Timothy Brear and Amanda Townsley, residential & commercial services; Louise Greaves, education; Lyndsay Reid, continuing education; Lucy Barrett, child dental health; Susan Curry, human resources; Rebecca Williams, flexible learning development unit; Richard Holmes, finance; Sarbjit Kaur, central student administration; Elizabeth Weeks, international office; Rebecca Kester, research degrees and scholarship office.
To grade 4:
Julie Kitcheman and Elizabeth Sheldon, medicine, NYCTRU; Janet Wood, LUBS; Sharron Kyriacou, English; Julie Lawson, human resources; Heather Strachan, fuel & energy; Louise Larkins, residencial & commercial services; Lisa Greenwood, biology; Catherine Crabtree, medicine, support services; Janice Harvey, psychiatry & behavioural sciences; Claire Mcconnell, mining & mineral engineering; Vikki Wilkinson, musculo-skeletal & rehabilitation medicine; Alison Brine, civil engineering; Shona Gibson, ISS; Tamsin Wragg, fine art, history of art & cultural studies; John Hudson, David Harwood, Jill Winder, Angela Newton and Alison Hazelaar, library; Margaret Guntrip and Rochelle Harris, French; Nichola Hutchinson, sociology & social policy; Joanne Thorpe, Stephanie Priestley and Cathryn Brooksbank, central student administration; Jean Mcdermott, SDDU; Cathryn Mills, research degrees and scholarship office; Jacqueline Ball and Cheryl Bishop, international office.
To grade 5:
Rosemary Longden, language centre; Kirsty McGaun, media services; Donna Fletcher, electronic & electrical engineering; Florence Cummings, biomedical Sciences; Rachael Taylor, law; Glenys Hastings, careers centre; Sally Mortimer, civil engineering; Jennifer Smith, theology & religious studies; Nicola Townson, mining & mineral engineering; Karen Bilton, chemistry; Anne-Marie Knaggs, medicine, support services; Jean Brownridge, continuing education; Judith Brooke, physics & astronomy; Patricia Compton, education; Louise Cole, library; Zarina Akhtar, ISS; Caroline Duffy, leeds student medical practice; Ruth Dolan, third arm support unit; James Johnston, alumni office.
To grade 6:
Michelle Lesnianski, chemistry; Sian Crook, biomedical sciences; Lorraine Seymour, textiles and design; Linda Cookman, electronic & electrical engineering; Susan Yeadon, biochemistry and molecular biology; Pamela Howson and Carole Carey, dentistry; Helen Russell and Jacqueline Hodgson, medicine, support services. Christina Wigley, law; Susan Edwards, access and information office.
Naomi Reay, musculo-skeletal & rehabilitation medicine.


To grade F
Mrs Jo-an Westerman, dentistry
To grade D
Mr Kenneth Humphreys, biology


Brown Lynda, residential and commercial services, re-graded to RCS management scale grade 6; Bryan Lee, estate services, re-graded to maintenance/semi skilled worker grade; Coates Christine, residential and commercial services, re-graded to ancillary staff grade 2; Goodall Joanne, residential and commercial services, re-graded to ancillary staff grade 4; Hall Carl, residential and commercial services, special salary increase; Hedley Alison, LUU, re-graded to ancillary staff grade 4; Massey Angela, LUU, special salary increase from 1/10/01; Dickinson Lynn, LUU, special salary increase from 1/10/01; Smith Lindsay, residential and commercial services, re-graded to ancillary staff grade 4

Out of season promotions

To grade 2:
Wilcox Joanne, access office administrative; from 1/8/2001
To grade 4:
Sillito Margaret, language centre; from 1/11/2001
To grade 5:
Stamper Judith, institute of communication studies; from 1/8/2001
From IA to II:
Belyaev Nikolai, biochemistry and molecular biology research; from 1/4/2001

Out of season transfers

To lecturer B:
James Baxter, mechanical engineering; from 1/9/2001
James Ryder, education; from 1/1/02
To admin 2:
Diana Bell, student office; from 1/9/01
Elaine Goodrich, chemistry; from 1/9/01
Tony Hall, residential & commercial; from 1/8/01
To OR 1:
Shane Blanchard, UNIPOL; from 1/10/01
Edith Laraway, chemistry; from 1/2/01
To admin 1:
Stuart Carrington, international medieval institute; from 1/3/02
To research IA
Philip Chambers, biochemistry; from 1/8/01
Louise Jennings, mechanical engineering; from 1/10/01
Philippa Roddam, medicine; from 1/9/01
To OR 2:
Devon Darby, mechanical engineering; from 1/9/01
Alison Gilchrist, colour chemistry; from 1/11/01
David Kaye, medicine; from 1/1/02
To computing 2
Stephen Paxton, biomedical sciences; from 1/3/02
To admin 4:
Sarah Whitelaw, education; from 1/1/02

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