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News in brief
Rediscovering Scott

A rediscovery and revival of the works of Walter Scott is long overdue, according to a new book by Emeritus professor and honorary graduate, the late Douglas Jefferson. In Walter Scott – an introductory essay, Professor Jefferson wrote: “There could be more calamitous gaps in an English literary education than the omission of Scott but it would be difficult to name one which is at once so serious and so common.” Scott was, he claimed, “largely responsible for great shifts of consciousness, changes of attitude to past and present, a new sense of human community: general development inaccessible to those who have not read him.”

A Leeds graduate, lecturer and professor, Douglas Jefferson inspired, enthused and enriched generations of students. He was awarded an honorary degree in 1997, having retired in 1977. He died on 31 January 2001.

Copies of Walter Scott – an introductory essay can be ordered direct from the publishers, Dunedin Academic Press, by emailing or online at

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