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Issue 480, 22 April 2002

WUN Postgraduate Studentship Exchanges


Closing Date for Applications: 3 May 2002

Pilot Scheme 2001-2002

    A pilot Studentships programme for 2001-02 was advertised earlier this year. Under this pilot programme 5 awards have been made this session to full-time research students registered at Leeds. They will undertake research collaboration for a period of 6 weeks at a participating WUN University in the United States. The Scholarship has made a sum of 1,800 available towards the cost of the visit (a contribution to travel costs, insurance, visas and living costs

    Awards for 2002-2003

    Applications are now invited from registered full-time research students for Postgraduate Research Studentship Exchanges for Session 2002-2003 for research visits to international WUN Universities.

    The following five Universities in the United States are members of WUN (the World University Network): University of California at San Diego, University of Washington at Seattle, Illinois at Urbana -Champaign, Wisconsin at Madison and Penn State.

    An internal Leeds selection panel will consider all applications from students at Leeds. The decision about the awards will be made by that panel.

    Method of Application

    All applications must be submitted by a member of the academic staff and the application completed in discussion with the nominated student.

    Objectives of the Studentships

    These exchange studentships will enable young researchers to advance their knowledge within an international context, gain expertise in new techniques, establish new contacts in other institutions, enhance their experience through exposure to different research cultures and strengthen their career profile.

    Links with WUN Institution

    It is expected that research links and academic collaboration between the Leeds departments and the proposed WUN partner should already be in place.

    Areas of study

In considering applications at the University of Leeds, preference will be given by the selection panel to the WUN exemplar areas of research as follows:

  • Bio-Medical Informatics

  • Geography of the New Economy
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Public Policy and Management
  • Smart Materials and Nanoscale Science and Technology
  • Mobile Devices
  • Nursing
  • Management
  • Oceanography and Climate
  • Stem Cells

    Length of Studentship

    The University of Leeds will consider applications for visits that extend between 6 weeks and 6 months. The length of the visit must be clearly stated in the application.

    Value of Studentship

    The amount awarded is at the discretion of the University of Leeds panel and will be a contribution towards the total cost. No award will exceed 5,000.

    Period for Awards 2002-2003

    All visits undertaken by means of WUN Scholarships must take place in the period before October 2003.

    Eligible Students

    Only students who are already registered for research degrees at the University of Leeds may apply for WUN Scholarships.

    Leeds Research Degree Candidature

    The period of the exchange is part of the period of study for a Leeds research degree and students undertaking exchanges will not receive suspensions of study or extensions to the standard period of study.

    Exchange Tuition Fees and Bench Fees

    As part of the exchange, tuition fees and bench fees are to be waived by the WUN partners. The expectation is that the exchanges will take place on a "knock for knock" basis between similar departments.

    Intellectual Property Rights

    If any issues are likely to arise in respect of intellectual property rights, these matters should be addressed by the participating supervisors before the commencement of the research visit.

    Reports on Completion of WUN Studentship Visits

    All holder of awards and their Leeds supervisors are required to provide a report to be send to the Research Degrees & Scholarships Office within a month of the student's return to the UK.

    Quality Assurance

    Please note that QAA has recently published (July 2001) a Code of Practice on Placement Learning (see website

    Closing Date for Applications

All nominations for consideration should be submitted on the attached form (electronic version available from Cheryl Edwards - ( 34007) by no later than 3 May 2002 to Cheryl Edwards, Research Degrees & Scholarships Office.

Future of the Programme

Discussions about the co-ordination of this studentship programme across all WUN institutions are in progress. Future arrangements and applications procedure may be different

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