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Issue 479, 18 March 2002


Did I miss independence day?

Dr Kerry Bristol
Centre for Architecture and Decorative Arts

As a Canadian working in Britain, I try to keep abreast of political developments in my home country.

Imagine my surprise to discover, upon reading the How far, how loud? notice in the news in brief section (Reporter 478), that Bernard Landry has become the Prime Minister of Quebec. Has Quebec separated during my decade-long absence and elected its own Prime Minister?

M. Landry is premier of the province of Quebec, as I am sure that anyone in the centre for Canadian studies will be able to confirm.

Editor's note: The Reporter certainly wasn't intending to pre-empt any move for independence by Quebec, and was acting on information from the centre for Canadian studies. Possibly there might be a confusion in translation here? Bernard Landry is described in French as the 'premier ministre'. While anglophone Canadians do appear to render this in English as 'premier', a common translation of the phrase is, as we put it, 'prime minister'.

If you live close by, take the bus

Allison Iredale
School of Dentistry

I write in agreement with Mr Roper's letter (Reporter 478). It is very easy for people who live in or near the centre of Leeds to say we should all use public transport and leave our cars at home. However, for those of us who live in more remote areas, public transport is not an option.

Having paid for our road tax, insurance and purchase of a car, why should we leave our cars at home to use unreliable, uncomfortable and expensive public transport which does not even go near where we live? It is just not an option for most people.

Perhaps instead, if all those people who live near the University were to give up their parking permits, and use public transport or walk instead of using their cars, the University parking problem would disappear overnight.

We need subs, but not wardens

Penny Robinson
Senior warden, Bodington Hall

Many thanks for putting in the advertisement for sub-wardens at Bodington Hall. I was a bit alarmed by the heading, though, Want to be a Warden?; as far as I know none of the wardens is thinking of leaving, so there will not be any vacancies for wardens next year, to my knowledge – unless you know something we don't!

The vacancies, as correctly put in the body of the advertisement, are for sub-wardens.

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