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Issue 469, 24 September 2001

Ernie was a tireless fundraiser

Alyson Wort
Wheatfields Hospice

I am saddened to report the death of Ernest Oddy, longstanding fundraiser for Wheatfields Hospice. Ernie collected scrap metal (lots of it!) from the University skips, often for example painstakingly removing brass fittings from a discarded radiator before returning the radiator to the skip, or spending hours stripping cable to get at the wire it contained. He then sold all this to a scrap metal merchant and gave the proceeds to Wheatfields.

Over the years Ernie raised just short of 5,000 for the hospice and on behalf of all the patients who were cared for as a result of his efforts (and the University's many refurbishments) I would like to say a very big thank you.

Chippy to curry house to car park

Richard Martin
School of mechanical engineering

The sight of 'Curry Corner' inspires all who pass by to endeavour to do better but to improve the site as Mark Nelson suggests would be a task indeed! (See letters, Reporter 465).

For myself, perhaps a multi-storey car-park to help alleviate the abysmal facilities at our neglected corner of the campus, where every post-60s new building came with the provision of adequate parking facilities, with in some places more than adequate security, to the detriment of encumbent University staff.

The battle for the annexe against local planning permission and the car parkers of the adjacent land provided great entertainment over the years - neither have won.

The rubbish is strewn from the ever increasing growth of 'take aways', to service the needs of our student population - truly a growth industry.

We who observe, truly mourn the solitary 'Sweaties' fish and chip shop of old. Evolution of one's surroundings is a true reflection of one's lifestyle. After all, we only come here to work - we don't have to live here.

So, pull the whole edifice down and build something useful. But for whom? The students or the staff? Or both? Perhaps the staff could suggest some longer term, more worthwhile, project?

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