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Issue 466, 8 May 2001

Senate Elections

In the recent elections to the Senate, the following have been appointed (number of years in parentheses)

By and from All Faculties

Mr Peter Coltman (3)
Professor Claire Hale (3)
Professor Jenny Hewison (3)
Dr Dick Killington (3)
Dr Jeremy Toner (3)

By and from Individual Faculties

BLESS - Ms Jean Gardiner (3)
Mr Hugo Radice (3)

Earth & Environment - Professor Peter Mackie (3)
Professor John Soussan (2)
Engineering - Dr Austin Hughes (3)
Dr Peter Jimack (3)
Dr Robert Gee (1)

Maths & Physical Sciences - Professor Brian Sleeman (3)

Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology & Health - Mrs Kuldip Bharj (3)
Dr Paul Marshall (3)
Mr Martin Towers (3)

Music, Visual & Performing Arts - Dr William Sugrue (3)
Ms Joanne Butterworth (2)

In accordance with the Senate Regulations, places which have not been filled will remain vacant until the next set of elections to the Senate in 2002.

The first round of elections after the Easter Vacation (Senate to Council and University Committees) will begin on Monday 23 April, and the second round (Faculties to Council and University Committees) will begin on Wednesday 23 May. For more information about the election procedures, please contact Helen Pickersgill in the Secretariat (233 4036).

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