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Issue 466, 8 May 2001

Promotions and transfers

SENIOR LECTURESHIP 20002001 Successful Applicants

Dr Bridget Bennett, English; Dr James Ginther, Theology and Religious Studies; Dr Graeme Gooday, Philosophy; Mr Benedict Read, Fine Art; Dr Jacqueline Stewart, Theology and Religious Studies; Dr Andrew Thompson, History; Dr Martin Thornton, History; Dr Clive Upton, English; Dr David Frier, Spanish and Portuguese; Dr Lisa Shaw, Spanish and Portuguese; Dr James Deuchars, Biomedical Sciences; Dr Mark Harris, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Dr Celia Knight, Biology; Dr Hugh Pearson, Biomedical Sciences; Dr Derek Steele, Biology; Dr Geoffrey Whiteley, Biology; Mr Adam Cross, Leeds University Business School; Ms Alice Deignan, Education; Dr Jason Heyes, Leeds University Business School; Dr Javaid Rehman, Law; Dr Graham Roberts, Communication Studies; Dr Mark Stuart, Leeds University Business School; Mr Gary Wilson, Law; Dr Neil Winn, Politics and International Studies; Dr Roger Clark, Earth Sciences; Dr Frances Drake, Geography; Dr Susan Grant-Muller, Transport Studies; Dr Douglas Parker, Environment; Dr Jamie Woodward, Geography; Dr Richard Hall, Mechanical Engineering/Medicine; Dr Serafim Kalliadasis, Chemical Engineering; Dr Robert Kelsall, Electronic and Electrical Engineering; Dr Alison McKay, Mechanical Engineering; Dr Martin Priest, Mechanical Engineering; Dr Xue Zhong Wang, Chemical Engineering; Dr Jianqiao Ye, Civil Engineering; Dr Robert Aykroyd, Statistics; Dr David Salinger, Pure Mathematics; Dr Melvin Hoare, Physics and Astronomy; Dr Kelvin Tapley, Colour Chemistry; Dr William Bonass, Dentistry; Dr Patricia Coletta, Medicine; Dr Louise Dye, Psychology; Dr Jacqueline Hill, Medicine; Dr Friederike Luther, Dentistry; Dr John Denis McKeown, Psychology; Dr Lawrence Smith, Psychology; Dr Mitchell Waterman, Psychology; Dr John Truscott, Healthcare Studies


Dr Philip Conaghan, Medicine, Rheumatology & Rehab Research Unit

READERSHIP 20002001 Successful Applicants

Dr Michael Brennan, Reader in Renaissance Studies, English; Dr Anthony Wright, Reader in Ecclesiastical History, History; Dr Miles Whittington, Reader in Neuroscience, Biomedical Sciences; Dr Mark Wilcox, Reader in Medical Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Dr Martyn Chipperfield, Reader in Atmospheric Science, Environment; Dr Andrew Jackson, Reader in Mathematical Geophysics, Earth Sciences; Dr Geoffrey Lloyd, Reader in Microgeodynamics, Earth Sciences; Dr Jurgen Neuberg, Reader in Geophysics, Earth Sciences; Dr Peter Jimack, Reader in Scientific Computing, Computing; Dr Stephen Evans, Reader in Molecular Physics, Physics and Astronomy; Dr Ian Hamley, Reader in Polymer Physical Chemistry, Chemistry; Dr Peter Olmsted, Reader in Complex Fluids, Physics and Astronomy; Dr Constanze Bonifer, Reader in Molecular Biology and Genetics, Medicine; Dr Mark Conner, Reader in Applied Social Psychology, Psychology; Dr Gillian Hardy, Reader in Clinical and Occupational Psychology, Psychology; Dr John Isaacs, Reader in Rheumatology, Medicine; Dr Patricia McKinney, Reader in Paediatric Epidemiology, Medicine; Dr Philip Robinson, Reader in Molecular Dentistry, Dentistry; Mr Julian Scott, Reader in Vascular Surgery, Medicine

PROMOTIONAL CHAIRS 20002001 Successful Applicants

Dr Andrew Wawn, Professor of Anglo-Icelandic Studies, English; Dr David Coates, Professor of Comparative and Functional Genomics, Biology; Dr Nigel M Hooper, Professor of Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Dr Margaret C Bell, Professor of Traffic and Environmental Pollution, Transport Studies; Dr Paul T Williams, Professor of Environmental Engineering, Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering; Dr William Crawley-Boevey, Professor of Pure Mathematics, Mathematics; Dr H Dugald Macpherson, Professor of Mathematical Logic, Mathematics; Dr Alastair W M Hay, Professor of Environmental Toxicology, Medicine; Dr Philip M Hopkins, Professor of Anaesthesia, Medicine; Dr Eve Roman, Professor of Epidemiology, Medicine

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