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Issue 466, 8 May 2001

In the news

Language lecturer Ken Hall played a vital role in Leeds United European Championship match against Valencia – as a police interpreter. According to the Yorkshire Evening Post Ken, a keen Leeds fan, faced a dilemma over which team to support because his wife was born and bred in Valencia. He has so far helped police when French or Spanish sides have travelled to Elland Road. Explaining his role he said, "I’m basically there to liaise between the police and the Spanish supporters, and try to ease any problems there might be due to language barriers. So far the Spanish fans have been extremely well behaved."

Dr Andrew Jackson’s research on the changes in the Earth’s magnetic field was featured in the Times. Dr Jackson, from the School of Earth Sciences, has been combing the logs to chart how declination, the angle between true north and magnetic north, has changed since the 1600s.

The research is allowing him to build a picture of how the magnetic field buried deep within the Earth’s core has evolved over the centuries. He explained "This kind of complicated movement of molten iron cannot generate a completely symmetrical dipole. There’s a lot of asymmetry."

Having featured in the last issue of the Reporter (465) the rehousing of the University of Leeds International Textile Archive (ULITA) has received further attention from the regional press. Both the Yorkshire Post and the Yorkshire Evening Post noted that ULITA had been awarded the largest of the Heritage Lottery Fund grants in Yorkshire to relocate its textile archives to St Wilfred’s chapel on the Western Campus.

The Guardian has reported that Professor Ian Hughes from the School of Biomedical Sciences is the University of Leeds nomination for the National Teaching Fellowship scheme (see page 4).

The research of Dr Clive Upton has attracted interest from the regional press across the country. According to Dr Upton, from the School of English, whatever you call your grandparents or what they call you very much depends on where you come from. His comments appeared alongside the news that a card company has spent £1.4m to find out which greetings cards sell best around the UK.

He said: "There used to be far more variation in terms for grandparents and parents than there is now. The regional variations have become mixed up, as marriages between people from different parts of the country are much more common these days."

News of the University’s partnership with developer Thorpe Park(Leeds) Ltd was featured in the Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Evening Post, the Times Higher and Property Week. The agreement will create a knowledge campus where academia and business can work together on e-business projects. It will offer regional, national and international companies a combination of business space and instant access to the University's knowledge base.

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