Reporter 464, 26 March 2001

Changing face of nationalism

Unrest in the Middle East, Ireland and the Balkans will form the context for some of the key speakers at a conference in Leeds next month.

Experts from as far afield as Slovenia, Palestine and Israel will be joining Leeds academics for discussions on nationalism and the ‘hot spots’ of political conflict in the world today.

Differing perspectives on the present situation in the Middle East will be offered by Israeli and Palestinian academics at the event which has been organised by the Lipman-Miliband Trust.

Experts will be looking at the background to the break-up of Yugoslavia, in a context of nationalism in the post-communist world. As the EU talks about expansion, there will be a discussion on how nationalism in eastern and central Europe might affect European integration. The furore provoked by Jorg Haider and his nationalist party in Austria will also be tackled.

The British Isles will also be on the agenda, with Alan McCombes of the Scottish Socialist Party discussing Scottish nationalism and possible independence.

The Lipman-Miliband Trust was set up in 1974 by Michael Lipman to encourage political and social research and Professor Ralph Miliband was its first director.

For further details of the event, contact the organiser, Dr John Schwarzmantel of the Institute of Politics and International Research at

For further information see the event programme

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