Reporter 463, 12 March 2001

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'Strategies for Reducing Stress - Interpersonal Approaches' - Tuesday 3 April 1.30-4.45

'Strategies for Reducing Stress- Managing and Initiating Change - for Managers and Supervisors' - Thursday 3 May 9-12.30

Information on content:
We know that we can't eliminate stress completely, especially those associated with change, but we can learn strategies to cope or to help others cope more effectively. -

In the 'Interpersonal Approaches' course delegates will:
1) Learn assertion techniques for managing workload
2) Learn to apply communication skills to resolve stressful problems
3) Explore roles and relationships
4) Learn how relationship-building can help in stress reduction

In the course for Managers and Supervisors delegates will:
1) Understand why people resist change and how to overcome resistance effectively
2) Explore the process and skills of effective change implementation
3) Improve your understanding of management/supervision of people through the process of change by understanding the emotional impact of change.

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