Reporter 463, 12 March 2001

Schooled in science

Schoolchildren will learn to be rocket scientists and conduct radar experiments at the University as part of the biggest science event in the UK, National Science Week.

A programme of spectacular opportunities has been designed to enhance pupils’ knowledge of science, engineering, mathematics and technology, in the hope that many of them will be encouraged to continue the study of these subjects to university level. Children will have the chance to conduct scientific experiments and discuss science with scientists and students.

Pupils can enter a team competition to launch water-fuelled rockets to the greatest height, teaching them about the principles of rocket propulsion.

Ground penetrating radar experiments on St George’s Field will be followed at the Geographical Resource Unit by an exploration of historical Leeds compared with today’s city, and pupils will then join in a quiz to test their knowledge.

There will be a chance to learn two techniques of biochemical testing including the ability to detect amino acid in sweat! Big bangs are also on the agenda, with a look at the mathematical patterns created by anything from a gas cooker to a stellar explosion of a star.

The events, organised through Campus Connect, will run from March 16 to 23, and involve both staff and students from the various departments. National Science week is an annual initiative, celebrating science and its importance in our lives.

view the full programme of events of National Science Week

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