Reporter 463, 12 March 2001

New chairs

Professor Colin Raston has been appointed to a Chair of Inorganic Chemistry with effect from 1 March 2001. He was previously at Monash University in Australia. Research interests encompass main group organometallic chemistry, green chemistry, supramolecular chemistry including molecular recognition and self assembly of metal-containing receptor molecules.

Professor Charles Read has been appointed to a Chair of Pure Mathematics in the School of Mathematics with effect from 1 October 2000. He was previously a teaching fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge. His research is concerned with Banach spaces and the theory of bounded linear operators on these spaces. We apologise for confusing him with Daniel Read in the last issue.


Dr Kenneth Brodie has taken up a promotional Chair of Visualisation in the School of Computing.

Dr Bryan Hickey has taken up a promotional Chair of Physics in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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