Reporter 462, 26 February 2001

Forgotten writings go worldwide

An international electronic archive of the writings of people with disabilities is now available for the first time, thanks to the dedication of Professor of Disability Studies, Colin Barnes.

It means that disabled people, students, disability scholars and academics across the world can access the work of people with disabilities as well as that of writers concerned with disability. Much of the work is no longer in the public domain and would have disappeared from public view without the archive.

A labour of love Ė Professor Colin Barnes

The archive builds on the reputation of the Centre for Disability Studies and the Disability Research Unit, widely regarded as an international leader in the field of disability studies. It has been instrumental in ensuring that disability studies has become firmly established as an interdisciplinary field of study, worldwide.

Professor Barnes, a consultant for the World Health Organisationís disability and rehabilitation team, said: "Iím very pleased with the positive reaction to the archive. It has been a labour of love. It needs doing because otherwise these writings will just disappear and itís very important that we look at what has been said in the past and use it."

The hope now is that the archiveís success will attract funding for a full-time developer.

The archive can be accessed through the web at

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