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Discussion paper on a proposed new system for managing visitor parking



The Traffic Policy Review Group was established in 1999 by the Estates Boardto come forward with a new and green transport policy for the University, against the background of:

In these circumstances, maintaining the status quo is not an option, and the Group now wishes to consult widely within the University on potential future changes to visitor parking.

Visitor parking

Currently visitors are allowed to enter the campus (when spaces are available) for a daily charge of £2.50. Until Summer 2000 visitors were not allowed access before 9.45 am, which caused difficulties for those staff who wish to park as visitors, and the 9.45 am rule has now been abolished so that visitors may arrive at any time. Departments are able to contact Security and pre-arrange parking for visitors free of charge. On most days during term times the car parks are full by lunch time, and after that only pre-arranged visitors and staff are allowed entry to hunt for a space.

The Group have agreed on a number of principles which a future parking policy for visitors should fulfil:

Comments are invited on the following proposals for new arrangements for visitor parking. The proposals are being put forward for consultation before all questions of feasibility have been settled. Whether the present proposals or a modified version of them is accepted, they are still subject to detailed consideration of practicality before final approval by the Group. For the purposes of parking policy, ‘visitors’ include staff without parking permits; contractors; and other non-employees of the University who wish to bring vehicles onto the campus.

Draft proposal on visitor parking:

In future departments will pre-book and pay for visitor parking through the intranet, and other visitors may still arrive unannounced at the main entrance on Woodhouse Lane and pay to park. Features of the new system will be:

  1. Visitors may enter the car parks at any time when spaces are available ie the 9.45 am rule has been abolished – already implemented.
  2. Spaces for visitors cannot be guaranteed, even if they have been pre-arranged. When the car parks are full, visitors will be directed to the multi-storey car park on Woodhouse Lane.
  3. Departments will pre-book and pay for visitor passes through the intranet, up to a daily limit (to avoid overcommitment of spaces to visitors on a particular day).
  4. Special arrangements will need to be made through Security for large scale visitor events such as open days etc.
  5. It may be possible for departments to issue visitors with a ticket as proof of pre-payment.
  6. Departments will be able to request a car parking zone of their choice, and when visitors arrive they will gain entry by contacting Security via the intercom at the appropriate traffic barrier. Tickets will say that visitors will be admitted only if there is space free in the University car parks.
  7. Departments will receive a discount on the full daily rate for pre-booked visitors, and will be able to pay a still further reduced rate if parking is required from 1pm onwards only (to encourage short stay parking).
  8. Visitors who are not pre-arranged will pay the full daily rate (to encourage departments to pre-book). Such visitors will need to pay for parking at the main entrance, and departments may then reimburse parking costs if they wish.
  9. Security will be able to generate a list from the intranet of expected visitors (in alphabetical order to avoid delays on the main entrance gate which are now experienced as the Security Officer searches through a large list of names). Pre-arranged visitors may be able to show their ticket to gain entry rather than wait for their name to be found on the list. However, it is not likely that all pre-arranged visitors will receive tickets before arrival, so it will still be necessary for Security to use a list.

Colleagues are invited to comment on proposals for new arrangements for visitor parking. Comments should be addressed to the Chairman of the Traffic Policy Review Group, Dr Harry Lewis, and may be sent by post to Mrs M Troughton in Estate Services, or by email to

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