Reporter 462, 26 February 2001

Registrar reorganisation

Organisational changes following the departure of Dr David Robinson were agreed by Council on Thursday, following recommendations from the Committee on the Office of Registrar and Secretary.

University Deputy Secretary Roger Gair has been appointed to the post of Secretary, with additional responsibilities for press, publications and legal offices, and events, in addition to the Secretariat.

A new post will be created of Academic Registrar, combining management responsibility for the student office together with a re-focused Departmental Support Unit, to be known as the Academic Support Unit. This position will shortly be advertised internally.

The Academic Registrar will report to a Pro Vice Chancellor, to be named, who will be taking on responsibility for student affairs and other duties associated with the Dean for Students, together with student counselling, disability services, international development and the European office.

*Andrew Brooks has been appointed as head of the Office of Academic Appeals and Regulation, based in the Secretariat. Responsibility for the Student Office on an interim basis is with head of the DSU, Andrew Parkinson. Further details here.

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