Reporter 462, 26 February 2001


Professor Mojtaba Ghadiri has taken a chair in chemical engineering, having been previously professor of particle technology at the University of Surrey.

His research activities cover a number of independent, but fundamentally related topics in particle technology. The focus of his work is on linking the macroscopic bulk behaviour during processing to the microscopic structure and particle properties. The work of his research group may be viewed at www.cpe.surrey.

Professor Greg Houseman has been appointed to a Chair of Geophysics in the School of Earth Sciences. He previously taught in the departments of earth sciences and mathematics at Monash University, Melbourne.

The main focus of his research has been the computational studies of the interaction between lithosphere and mantle in regions of tectonic activity.

Professor Philip Kocienski FRS has been appointed to Chair of Organic Chemistry. He was previously Head of Organic Chemistry at the University of Glasgow.

His research interests are synthetic methodology, natural product chemistry and organometallic chemistry.

Professor Justin Keen has been appointed Professor of Health Politics and Information Management.

Currently Fellow in Health Systems at the King’s Fund, Professor Keen will take up his position with the Institute from March 2001. His interests lie in economics and systems theories and he is also known for his commentaries on the NHS Information Technology Strategy and in the evaluation of electronic networks in primary care.

Professor Charles Read
has been appointed to a Chair of Pure Mathematics.

He was previously a Teaching Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge. His research is concerned with Banach spaces and the theory-bounded linear operates in these spaces.

Promotional chairs

Head of the School of Philosophy, Professor Robin Le Poidevin, has taken up a promotional chair in Metaphysics.

Professor Rachel Killick has taken up a promotional chair of Quebec Studies and Nineteenth Century Studies in the School of Modern Languages.

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