Reporter 461, 12 February 2001

Contracting opinions

Contract research staff at the University are, on the whole, happy with the career development opportunities on offer.

Almost 30 per cent of all contract research staff completed a questionnaire designed to explore the success of various initiatives developed by the University to help their career development.

Overall, the feedback was extremely positive with many feeling they were benefiting from their employment experience, although there were some people who felt unsupported and undervalued. And while this is not a problem unique to the University of Leeds, the results show there are clearly areas where departments could do more to improve this experience.

There is a national agreement between the universities and the research councils to ensure the effective career management of contract research staff.

Progress in this area is likely to become more important as there are indications that effective structures for research training may be an important aspect of the next Research Assessment Exercise.

A report on the results of the questionnaire can be found on the web at hr/leeds/local/survey.htm (campus only). (campus only)

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