Reporter 461, 12 February 2001

The money of colour

The generosity of a former student has enabled the Department of Colour Chemistry to set up a trust to fund scholarships and improve student facilities.

The Department has received $250,000 to set up the Raper Fund, named after the former student and his wife who left it $238,000 ‘to assist needy students’. Educated at Leeds Grammar School, Donald Raper graduated from the University in colour chemistry in 1943.

The North American Foundation for the University of Leeds donated another $12,000 (to bring the total to $250,000). Its president, Leeds graduate Dr James Marten (above, right) visited the University to present the cheque to Head of Department for Colour Chemistry, Professor David Lewis (above, left).

Dr Marten, who emigrated to the USA in 1965, also met three students receiving James and Shirley Marten Scholarships, which help undergraduates from low-income families who have no relatives who have attended university.

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