Reporter 461, 12 February 2001


Professor Richard Taylor has been appointed a member of the new West Yorkshire Learning and Skills Council. Professor Taylor is Dean of the Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences at the University and Professor of Continuing Education and Chair of the regional Consortium for Widening Participation in Higher Education and of NIACE.

The Frederick Palmer Prize 2000 was awarded by Council to Professor Nigel Smith of the Faculty of Engineering. The award was made for Professor Smith’s paper Privately Financed Infrastructure in the 21st century. Instituted in 1960, the award gives preference to papers dealing with economic and financial aspects of civil engineering projects, though the Council has complete discretion in the award.

Dr John Heritage of Microbiology has been to participate in the new European joint working group on novel foods.This invitation arises from Dr Heritage’s previous participation in the Novel Food Working Group for the Scientific Committee on Food (SCF). The EU has recently reorganised its scientific advice and has planned a new working group, bringing expertise from the SCF and the Scientific Committee on Plants (SCP). It is the responsibility of the SCF to deliberate on novel foods under directive EU 258/97.

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