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Shortly before Christmas Maneys published, on behalf of the School of History, Essays on Northern History in Honour of Maurice W. Beresford, edited by Christopher Challis, Gordon Forster and Simon Green. This festschrift, a special, double volume of the School's journal, Northern History, comprises eighteen papers by colleagues, pupils and friends, with a fourteen-page bibliography of Prof. Beresford's publications. The contributions include studies of the origins of Ripon, Yorkshire's boundary, northerners in London business, Chester in the Civil War, farm buildings, allotments, education and literacy, together with several papers on aspects of the social and economic history of Liverpool, Leeds, and Newcastle respectively.

The volume was presented to Prof. Beresford at a celebratory party in University House on 17th January 2001.

In presenting the volume to the honorand Gordon Forster pointed out that in the year 2000 Professor Maurice Beresford, F.B.A., became an octogenarian and reached his 58th year of historical writing and publication. Mr Forster emphasised Prof. Beresford's achievements as a highly original and stimulating, if sometimes idiosyncratic, teacher who (apparently effortlessly) conveyed his historical enthusiasms and lively sense of the past to audiences of students and the general public alike. He also drew attention to the astonishing range of Maurice Beresford's publications, from the early middle ages to the 20th century, with work on many different parts of the country, and numerous aspects of social, economic, local and regional history, always suffused with a keen understanding of topography and a sure instinct for the counterpoint of time and place.

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