Reporter 460, 4 December 2000

The ‘slide rules’ go digital

When Dr Tim David went to the Sheffield dry ski slope to make a video for his students he had no idea it would be the launch of a successful bid to the DfEE.

Dr David, of Mechanical Engineering, was making recordings to demonstrate mathematical models of sliding. Now, University members have joined with the Educational Broadcasting Services Trust to secure £230,000 to produce an innovative teaching pack for engineering students.

Dr Tim David on the ski slope

The pack will include digital video sequences recorded on location and designed to capture students’ imagination by showing them how to model the world mathematically. All the elements are being indexed, cross-referenced, combined on disc (CDs or DVD) and linked to web-sites with software specially created by an inter-departmental team from Leeds: Peter Coltman, Joanna Brown, Tim David, George Papakyriakopoulos and Tom Roper.

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