Reporter 459, 20 November 2000

Medievalists move in

The University’s first interdisciplinary research centre, the Centre for Medieval Studies, has moved into a new home in the Parkinson Building. Since its creation in 1967, the centre has occupied a number of rooms in different areas of the campus, and its fourth-floor suite reflects the growing profile of its area of work.

"There is a lot of public interest in the Middle Ages", said director of studies Dr Mary Swan. "Television programmes like Time Team have helped. On a local level, the presence of the Royal Armouries and the success of the annual International Medieval Congress hosted by the University have marked out Leeds as a major centre of learning."

Headed by Professor Ian Netton, of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, the centre currently has ten doctorates in progress. Four of the candidates are from the UK, three from the USA and one each from Japan, Germany and France.

Thesis topics range from the attitude of the 14th-century Pope John XXII towards the Franciscan poverty vows to the design of armour in fifteenth-century England. The cult of Odin in Old English literature and the construction of kingship in Sweden are also being researched.

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