Reporter 458, 6 November 2000

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Correspondence - Reporter 314, 13 July 1990

BSE, Scientific Debate and the Media

From the academic staff of the department of animal physiology and nuutrition

Sir, the statements recently made on the subject of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) by Professor Lacey to the House of Commons Select Committee on Agriculture and elsewhere, have been a cause of considerable embarrassment to us as agricultural scientists and as members of the University of Leeds.

Whilst we would not in any way wish to question Professor Lacey’s right either to speak as a professor of the University of Leeds within his speciality of clinical microbiology or to speak as an interested individual in areas outsuide his speciality, we are concerned at his apparent reluctance tom make this distinction himself, and his failure to ensure that the media observe this distinction in describing him.

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