Reporter 457, 23 October 2000

Staff promotions and transfers

The following staff promotions and transfers of category have taken effect at various times in 1999-2000, outside the seasonal cycles.

Administrative: Timothy Brannon, Finance, 5; Amy Bushell, Central Purchasing, 2; Penny Robinson, Centre for Joint Honours, 5. Other related: Janet Davies, Unipol Student Homes, 2; Algy Kazlauciunas, Colour Chemistry, 3; Dr Gina Koutsopoulou, Psychology, 2. Research: Dr Martin Mushayandebv, Earth Sciences, II; Andrew Turner, Geography, IA. Lecturer: Dr Caroline Rose, East Asian Studies, B. Library: Richard Davies, Research II. Media Services: David Dixon, other related 3. Computer Studies: Dr Nicholas Efford, other related 2; Dr Ann Kwan, other related 4. School of Medicine: Elizabeth Graham, other related 1. Healthcare Studies: Dr Catherine Lowe, Academic. Geography: Alison Manson, other related 2; Christine Tunney, Administrative 2. Biomedical Sciences: Barbara Royle, Administrative 3. School of English: Nicola Wildman, Administrative 2.

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