Reporter 457, 23 October 2000

Lantern poised for launch

A unique multi-disciplinary initiative on road traffic and the pollution it causes is to unveil its research plans on Friday (October 27).

Lantern, an acronym for Leeds health Air quality, Noise, Traffic and Emissions Research Network, is based in the Institute for Transport Studies and draws on the expertise of seven departments.

Its ambitious programme was made possible by a £4.2m award under the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s joint infrastructure fund (Reporter 445).

The departments involved range from Mining and Material Engineering to Molecular Epidemiology, and research will cover all aspects of atmospheric and noise pollution – from traffic management strategies to the measurement of exposure and its effects, including the development of more sophisticated sensors.

Dr Margaret Bell, the project’s chief investigator, said: "The unique mix of expertise will enable us to study pollutants all the way from the vehicle’s exhaust to their absorption by the human body."

Laboratories have been refurbished and additional researchers appointed in several of the participating departments.

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