Reporter 456, 9 October 2000

Extra £1m on this year’s gas bill

Estates director Robert Sladdin has warned of the need for an energy-saving drive throughout the University.

For the last few years, the University’s heating and some of its electricity have been provided relatively cheaply by the gas-fired generating station complex – a joint venture between the University, the hospital trust and Dalkia Ltd.

However, in the last quarter, gas prices have risen by 28 per cent. For the University, this will work out at about £1m over the year – more if winter is severe. But the estate services budget is not adjusted to take account of increases either in demand or price. Additional expenditure on energy will lead to cuts elsewhere, in maintenance for example, unless consumption is reduced.

"Everyone can help by turning down heating, closing windows, and turning off monitors, lights and other equipment not in use. Such measures can easily save 5 per cent of energy used, which in cash terms will be very significant," said Mr Sladdin.

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