Reporter 456, 9 October 2000

Staff promotions and transfers


To grade B:
Nicola Bown, Leeds University Business School; Dr Alexy Burluka, Mechanical Engineering; Alexandrine Cerfontaine and Dr Benedict Chigara, Law; Dr Abbas Dehghani-Sanij, Textile Industries; Dr Stephanie Dennison, Spanish & Portuguese; Dr Robert English, Colour Chemistry; Dr Sylvia Federico and Dr Wolfram Schmidgen, English; Dr David Gauntlett, Institute of Communications Studies; Dr Elaine Kendall, Biology; Stella Kwan, Dentistry; Dr Alastair Lewis, Environment / Chemistry; Dr Christine Margerum Harlen, Jason Ralph and Rhiannon Vickers, Institute for Politics & International Studies; Dr Hazel May, Sociology & Social Policy; Dr Adam Nelson, Chemistry; Dr Francis O’Gorman and Dr Jay Prosser, English; Dr Zahia Salhi, Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies.


To grade IA:
Richard Feltbower, Medicine; Tracy Randall, Nuffield Institute for Health; Irina Szabo and Zsolt Szabo, Chemistry.

To grade II:
Dr Robert Ariens, Medicine; Dr William Batty, Electronic & Electrical Engineering; Dr Haibo Chen, Institute for Transport Studies; Samantha Comte, Psychology; Dr Bryan Crosby, IRC; Andrew Davies, Medicine; Dr David Groves, IRC; Dr Laura Hardie, Medicine; Frances Hodgson, Institute for Transport Studies; Dr Timothy Hutchin, Medicine; Dr Mira Naftaly, Materials; Dr Zhigang Shui, Biomedical Sciences; Dr Amanda Wade, Sociology & Social Policy; Dr William Willats, Biology; Dr Henggui Zhang, Biomedical Sciences.

To grade III:
Dr Ian Turton, Geography.


To grade 2:
Sally Driver, Media Services; Peter Muller, Nuffield Institute for Health; Angela Tattam, Environment; Christopher Warrington, Quality Management & Enhancement Unit; Olivia Wrigglesworth, Media Services.

To grade 3:
Rowena Armstrong, Modern Languages & Cultures; Gerard Aylward, Staff & Departmental Development Unit; Patricia Burnett and Amanda Carter, Information Systems Services; Bridget Carter-Ellis, Departmental Support Unit; Kathy Chesworth, Human Resources; Michael Ferraby, Finance; Frances Ledgard, City & Regional Office; Julia MacMahon, Law; Lesley McGorrigan, Psychology; Vivienne Sercombe, Nuffield Institute for Health; David Wardle, Secretariat; Carolyn Weaver, Sociology & Social Policy; Samantha Young, Continuing Education.

To grade 4:
Dr Geoffrey Barker-Read, Quality Management & Enhancement Unit; Fiona Barry, UNIPOL Student Homes; Sheelagh Cobb, Geography; John Cookman, Biomedical Sciences; Gillian Healy, Student Office; Alison Leach, Information Systems Services.

To grade 5:
Dr David Belk, Departmental Support Unit.


To grade 2:
Mark Scully, Information Systems Services.

To grade 3:
Mark Conmy, Computer Studies; Timothy Jones, Neil Jowsey, Donald Nichols and Thomas Worsley, Information Systems Services; Jonathan Maber, Flexible Learning Development Unit; Dr Neil Maughan, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.

To grade 4:
Andrew Busby, Departmental Support Unit; John Oughton, Biology; John Sheard, Electronic & Electrical Engineering.


To grade 3:
Kate Alderson-Smith, Helen Davies, William Jupp, Tracey Stanley, Ian Young.


To grade 2:
Dr Stephen Maw, Biology; Dr Yi Ning, East Asian Studies; Peter Reffell, Computer Studies.

To grade 3:
Barry Gilbert, Mechanical Engineering; Matthew Guy, UNIPOL Student Homes; Janet Jagger, Robert McMaster and Lynne Veal, Healthcare Studies; Dr Jason Lander, Environment; Dr Natalia Nalivaeva, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Christopher Smith, Biology; Christine Talbot, Teaching & Learning Support Unit; Heather Thomson, Textile Industries; Dr Jonathan Vessey, Chemistry.

To grade 4:
Kevin Crellin, Earth Sciences; Pauline Dodsworth, Healthcare Studies; Moira Doolan, Sociology & Social Policy; Paul Kajda, Food Science; Dr Jan Langowski, Chemistry; Norma Martin Clement, Law; Diane Oakes, Medicine; Dr Margaret Orchard, Staff & Departmental Development Unit; Ann Roberts, Computer Studies.

To grade 5:
Dr Anne Robinson, Biomedical Sciences; Julie Sowter, Healthcare Studies; Ronald Strong, UNIPOL Student Homes.


To Lecturer B:
Dr Neil King, School of Psychology; Dr Andrew Tavernor, Materials.

To Administrative 1:
Catherine Roberts, Food Science.

To Administrative 2:
Diane Baldwin, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Sharon Beckram, Vice-Chancellor’s Office; Georgina Mackrell, Student Office; Winifred Marrison, Geography; Ann Milner, Human Resources; Michelle Tolcher, ISS.

To Administrative 4:
Penny Robinson, Centre for Joint Honours.

To Other related 2:
Nicole McSweeney, Chemistry.

To Other related 3:
Edwin Lovatt, French.

To Computing 1:
Marcia Pusey, Computer Studies.

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