Reporter 456, 9 October 2000

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19 September 2000


I am writing to let you know that David Robinson has decided to leave the University at the end of this calendar year. After seventeen years at Leeds, he has reached the conclusion that, if the next stage of his career is to bring a fresh set of challenges, the time is right for him to move on.

David has contributed very considerably to the Universityís management and development over the past seventeen years, first as Deputy Registrar and latterly as Registrar and Secretary; and, whilst there will be other occasions for appropriate valedictory remarks, I want to take this opportunity to record my thanks to David for his support and his many achievements here. I am sure that everyone joins me in wishing him well for the future.

The implications of Davidís departure will, of course, have to be assessed in the context of the far-reaching changes facing the higher education sector over the next decade: as the challenges and pressures on universities change and grow, it is critical that we monitor very carefully the effectiveness of the organisation of central University departments. This is a particular responsibility of the Central Administration Review Group (CARG), which has been charged with the tasks of ensuring that we eliminate any duplication, streamline structures and support resource centres in the most effective way and thus of freeing up resources wherever possible to enable us to take maximum advantage of new opportunities.

Against this background, a committee will be established to advise the Senate and the Council on the way in which the duties associated with the post of Registrar and Secretary might best be configured and discharged in the future. In the interim period, while the committee is carrying out its work, the following immediate organisational changes are being made:

1. Andrew Parkinson will assume overall responsibility for the management and co-ordination of the work of the Student Offices, the development of the Student Information Management System and the development of the One Stop Shop project. The Departmental Support Unit will continue to report to Andrew.

2. Professor David Hogg will be responsible, with support from Simon Donoghue, for co-ordination and promotion of Third Arm strategy. The City and Regional Office will therefore report to him.

3. The European Office, International Office, OPTED and Physical Education will report to Professor John Macklin.

4. The Press Office, Publications Office, Legal Office, Student Counselling Service and Disability Services will report to Roger Gair.

  1. The Alumni Office will report to Jan Wilkinson as Chair of the Development Board.

David Robinson himself will be continuing to help the University by implementing some of these and other organisational changes proposed by the CARG before he leaves us at the end of the calendar year.

A G Wilson


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