Reporter 454, 19 June 2000

BNFL backs alliance for science with £2m

A major new research initiative to develop an international centre in particle science and technology has been announced between the University and BNFL. The agreement will bring more than £2m to the School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering over the next five years.

The new alliance will operate alongside the existing Centre for Particle & Colloid Engineering and integrate research activities across the School.

A University-wide Institute for Particle Science and Engineering is to be established, to provide a platform for activities in particle science and to link with other institutes and companies.

The director of the new research alliance, Professor Richard Williams, said: "This is a major commitment on behalf of BNFL and the University. It complements our strategy of building a major process engineering activity. Over 70 per cent of our 44 academic staff are active in particle technologies and the appointment of two new chairs and their associated teams will make a significant impact."

The head of BNFL corporate research and technology, Dr Richard Clegg, said: "BNFL was impressed by the breadth of activity and vision of the team at Leeds and its match with the future needs for modern particle science. This technology is a key element in many of BNFLís activities and to process engineering worldwide."

The centre will be developed with Dr David Goddard (BNFL), Professor Kevin Roberts (Chemical Engineering), Professor Brian Rand (Materials), Professor Peter Dowd (Mining & Minerals) and Dr Bernard Gibbs (Fuel & Energy).

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