Reporter 454, 19 June 2000


Joan Tough CBE died on 10 May

Dr Joan Tough, formerly senior lecturer in the School of Education, directed the highly influential Schools Council project Communication skills in early childhood.

Over ten-years, the project focused on the early years, the 7-11 age range, children with special needs and children for whom English is a second language. It led to the production of books, videotapes and materials for teachers to use in their day-to-day work and had a significant impact in many countries. Dr Tough was awarded the CBE in 1979.

Joan Tough was appointed to the then Institute of Education in 1965 and became director of the advanced diploma in primary education in 1970. This was a course to which teachers were seconded for a year, under the central government funding arrangements of that time, and established a major reputation. She retired from the School of Education in 1983, but remained active in the educational world for several years, directing an international seminar for the British Council in Leeds in 1986. Until recently, she was also extremely active as city councillor in Bradford.

She is fondly remembered for her tenacious hard work, her boundless enthusiasm, her care for her students and her concern for the welfare of children everywhere.

Roger Beard and Dorothea Bennett

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