Reporter 453, 5 June 2000

Senate news

Council will make a final decision on June 15 on the merger of the University with Bretton Hall following Senate’s agreement that the academic, strategic and financial case for the merger is now convincing. View the full report to Senate

Information about hours worked by academics will be collected alongside the data on the proportion of time spent on teaching and research in the funding council’s ‘transparency review’. It was agreed that it would be ‘completely meaningless’ to compare time spent by staff on public and non-publicly funded research and teaching without the total hours data. The exercise will be anonymous.

Up to 13 weeks’ unpaid leave can now be taken by parents in order to look after or make arrangements for children (up to the age of 16). The University has incorporated new legal provisions and, in some cases, bettered them. The full document is available here

Policies and provision for students with disabilities are outlined in the University’s first comprehensive statement on disability, drawn up following a five-month consultation exercise across campus. A full version is available from the Diability Services website

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