Reporter 452, 22 May 2000

A real result for Rob

Continuing Education lecturer Dr Rob Chapman, who has been giving students practical lessons in metallurgy by taking them on trips to pan for gold in the Leadhills region of southern Scotland (Reporter 445), had every reason to be lost for words on his latest outing.

Standing on the bank of the Shortcleuch Water, he was explaining the technique when he glanced down and spotted something interesting. Quite by accident, he had dislodged a gold nugget - which turned out to be the biggest one found in the region in the past 60 years.

"There are historical references to nuggets ‘as big as birds’ eggs’ being found in these parts," he said. "This one is 8.1 grams, about the size of a large almond. In crude terms, the gold content is worth maybe £70. Scottish gold commands a special market premium and if I were to put this up for auction - which I won’t - it could easily make £1,000."

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