Reporter 451, 8 May 2000

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Expenses to be paid monthly

From now on, payment of staff travel expenses will be made on a monthly basis with salary, through the payroll system directly into the employee’s bank account. The payment will show on the payslip as a separate amount. This change has been initiated by the need to improve compliance with Inland Revenue requirements.

The University will benefit from avoiding the need to maintain duplicate records - and staff will benefit by being reimbursed directly into their bank account on the same date each month, improving their ability to plan their household budget.

The travel and subsistence expenses claim form should be completed and authorised for payment as normal. It is essential that the personnel number, which appears on the payslip, is noted on the form for identification purposes. All vouchers/receipts to support items of expenditure must be attached, for audit purposes and to avoid liability to tax.

Expenses over £5 must be supported by receipts, under Inland Revenue rules. The completed form should then be sent to Finance, Payroll Office, with the exception of claims on research grants which should be forwarded to RSU.

Cash can still be obtained for claims under £60 from the cash office.

Wherever possible, costs of travel fares and accommodation should be charged directly to the University. This minimises the risk of any individual income tax liability, reduces the amount of administration concerned both for the individual and the University, and minimises the risk that the cut-off date for the reimbursement of expenses may mean that the individual member of staff is not reimbursed before incurring the cost of travel. Any member of staff having problems with suppliers who refuse to directly invoice the University should contact Tim Brannon on ext 6030.

The deadline for staff normally paid at the end of each month is for the forms to be with Payroll Office by 16th of the month. For staff paid mid-monthly, the deadline is the 1st of the month. Separate arrangements may apply at Christmas and Easter.

If you require further clarification, please contact John Lillywhite on ext 6060 or email

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