Reporter 451, 8 May 2000

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A call has gone out for volunteers to take part in one on the University’s main initiatives to broaden the appeal of higher education, when 100 young people from the inner city will take part in a one-week summer school. This initiative is part of the DfEE Excellence in Cities programme to help gifted and talented students in inner city areas to achieve their full potential.

Leeds is one of the cities targeted by the programme, which hopes to encourage students to apply for HE courses by giving them a direct experience of university life.

Starting on July 3, the week will involve a range of social, academic and careers related activities, including departmental workshops, study skills, theatre and museum visits, as well as contact with local employers. The aim is to provide an enjoyable programme that will inspire, motivate and challenge the 16-17 year-old students.

A number of University departments have run successful summer, Easter or day schools as part of their recruitment strategies. Last summer, a day school for 80 local students studying science took place, involving six science and engineering departments. It is hoped to build upon existing expertise to put together an exciting programme that will provide experience in three broad streams – science and engineering, arts/humanities, and social sciences.

University students involved in Campus Connect, Action or Schools Liaison activities have been invited to apply for posts working with the school students throughout the week. PGCE students completing their training will also be invited to participate in the programme.

The summer school is strongly supported by the Vice-Chancellor and all Deans of Learning and Teaching have given their support to the initiative as a significant contribution to widening participation, since it will draw upon many schools where progression to higher education is not the norm.

Staff from the Schools Liaison and City & Regional Offices will manage the summer school. For details, contact Len Smith on ext 3996 (, Carol Stagg on ext 2336 ( or Margo Hanson on ext 4072 (

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